Thursday, April 20, 2017

One Room Challenge Week 3 Office Makeover Update

Week 3

Rug, lamps, drapes, OH MY!

We are at the halfway mark in the Calling It Home Spring One Room Challenge and frankly my head is beginning to spin!
Everything is on order or in process of completion; so I feel like I am in a holding pattern for a free fall! Yikes!

I cannot begin the bookshelves or styling of anything until my rug gets here, so now it's a waiting game watching the tracking numbers.

I found this fabulous rug from RugsUSA to cover that horrible industrial carpet. Hey, it's a long term rental so no major floor makeover happening here!  

I did hang the drapes, I was lucky enough to be able to reuse some hot pink Premier Fabric panels I had made for a past Mistletoe Marketplace booth Talk about reuse, reduce, recycle!


These fabulous blanc de chine Asian figure lamps came from a local auction house. The black shades need to be a better size but you get the idea. As my wondrously talented grandmother, M.V. Davis, said "something with an Asian influence should always be included in your decor."


I did pick up a few accessories and needed office supply items this week. Talk about total procrastination, but pretty things make me happy!! Tomorrow is another day or so Scarlett says.

These dry erase boards will be hung on the back of the door. Love that pink!


It took me forever to find a cork/memo board; who knew cute reasonable ones were so hard to find! This one from Hobby Lobby will be perfect once it is rubbed with more gold. How could I pass up this canvas of these gold leafed lips; when my entire store wouldn't be without my Mama, lipstick and a dream!!

Join me next week, as I update storage options with new hardware, work on comfortable seating, and finalize my workspace setup! 

Meanwhile check out all my other talented friends here!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Southern Socialite: One Room Challenge Week 2 Office Makeover

Southern Socialite: WEEK 2 One Room Challenge: Office Makeover: Week 2 What a week! So grateful for amazing family and friends who have helped with the progress. Since we don't have extra room to m...

One Room Challenge Week 2 Office Makeover

Week 2

What a week! So grateful for amazing family and friends who have helped with the progress.
Since we don't have extra room to move all the items staying in the room out, we are having to work around them.

We have painted!!! I decided to go with Flannel Grey by Behr in satin finish for the walls and ceiling and in semi-gloss for the trim, doors and bookcases!! 

Lots of sorting and removal has happened, but lots more to go!
Using the JOY vs. NO JOY method of sorting. 

We rescued these bookshelves from my childhood playhouse and repainted them the glossy grey color to match the trim. 

The shelves fit perfectly along one of the half walls to hold all my floral, event, and etiquette reference books. All other books will be moved to shelves in the outer hallway. 

There is no remaining evidence of their past lives in my mother's classroom's "Garden of Reading"

 I picked up these chairs at a local high school tag sale fundraiser. 
Don't they just scream old Morrison's Cafeteria chairs to you??

I think they will be perfect with a coat of gold paint, black and white cabana striped fabric, and a monogram on the back of each. 

I also finally found the perfect light fixture from Home Depot. I think it will add just the right amount of GLAM! Isn't it so much better than the before! 

Lots of progress has been made, now I am on to more sorting and cleaning out, painting and recovering chairs, installing light fixture, deciding on lamps, accessories, and drapes. Lots of fun but hard work ahead of us. I am trying to do this make over on a small budget so I can splurge on some extras. I also need to figure out some way to disguise that horrible carpet!! Thank you for following along and I hope you will check out the other guest participants in the One Room Challenge

See you next Thursday! 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Southern Socialite: Back to Blogging & One Room Challenge

Southern Socialite: And just like that....I'M BAAACKKKK!
I actually t...
: And just like that....I'M BAAACKKKK! I actually thought/hoped/dreamed I would start back blogging on my newly made over blog while ...

One Room Challenge Guest Participant Kick Off

And just like that....I'M BAAACKKKK!

I actually thought/hoped/dreamed I would start back blogging on my newly made over blog while sitting in my newly made over office. Well as you can see the blog is still the same (way too much pink) and the office is in need of some serious help!

So rather than waiting on the stars to align or the right timing, I decided to dive head first into blogging and join the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge as a guest linking participant. If this office is ever going to be completed, these 6 weeks of accountability are the only way it's going to happen these days. Yes, you heard right 6 WEEKS! So join me here every Thursday to follow my progress.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that almost a year ago I moved my florist and gift shop, Soiree, into a former restaurant/golfclub/clubhouse/residence that was built in the 1850's.

 I fell in love at first sight! One of the main selling points was the large room upstairs that I could turn into my dream office!

During the move (oops that piece goes downstairs to left, not up); sorry guys!

This is what I ended up with, the place where unknown boxes, accessories, and books go to rest.

Yes, there are a couple of original Dorothy Draper chests hidden in the clutter!

Photo via Internet Search for Ugly Betty Set

I have decided to go with a grey, pink, white and black color scheme. I have always loved these offices from the set of the TV show, Ugly Betty.

Photo from Internet Search for Ugly Betty Set

Photo via Internet Search for Ugly Betty Set
I will need shelving for my books, plenty of desk top space; storage for stationery and supplies; and seating for meetings or when my favorite nephew, cousins, or pups come by for visit! As you can see it's quite the list, but I plan to reuse as much as I can, and I had actually already purchased a few things that I am sure my husband will be happy to see them leave our home!
Stay tuned and checkout all the other VERY talented guest participants in the One Room Challenge 


See y'all next Thursday!