Friday, May 19, 2017

One Room Challenge Office Makeover REVEAL

ORC Office Makeover Reveal

We did it!! We did it!! I feel like I should be singing "YOU DID IT" from "My Fair Lady."  We finished the room on Wednesday, May 10th, after lots of hard work and late nights! I owe my husband, Ched, a HUGE THANK YOU! He is the calm, creative engineer for all my crazy ideas.

Seeing my beautiful finished office was all I needed!  The sense of accomplishment from its completion left me completely speechless. All my favorite things are organized and in one place! I have never had anything like this!

A quick reminder of what this room looked like in the very beginning...

That light fixture! That random paint job!

The room was so bad that I just filled it full of  all the random things as you saw in my first One Room Challenge Post


I am still speechless at how amazing everything turned out! Loving all of it.

All of my favorite books in one place! 

Loving these PATENT PINK quilted cubes!
Filled the top of each bookshelf with personal photos, original artwork and

 Found a home for my amazing Dorothy Draper vintage chest.

More of my favorite pieces of art!


Y'all have no idea the trouble they had moving the couch! PIVOT!
Once again, I can not believe we completed the office! It is wonderful having this organized, beautiful space! Y'all come visit soon! 


Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Musings: Finding My Voice, Southern Accent and All, Y'all

I have been so wrapped up in completing a work deadline these past few months,my blog makeover (still working with the talented Kelly Christine on it), and the One Room Challenge; that I had forgotten to take time to figure out what journey I really wanted this blog to take. The past few weeks have felt like a rush to just get the ORC post up on time!

I have been trying to decide how to Revamp, Renovate, & Resuscitate this blog of mine. I had become SO sporadic in my posting; which is a shame because writing is one of my first loves. As I tried to figure out this process of redesigning and taking more time to write; I began thinking about all the different blogs that I love to follow and what makes them so wonderful.

It's truly amazing how we all chose to share such wonderful, different things on our, home decor, party ideas, fashion, etc to even using it more as a personal scrapbook or journal. I realized it's not the choice of subject on these blogs that stands out but rather the personal spin/polish is what makes each one so engaging.

I started this blog off all cutesy pink and green with the cartoon created from past pictures of me and the pups; hiding behind the small amount of anonymity those provided.  So much has changed since then: I am older, married, a business owner, and have started to find the voice of this blog.

Yes, I am still very proud of my southern heritage, quite involved socially in my community, and love to entertain, cook, read, garden and design. I have decided all of that mixed with my love of history, story telling, adventure, and laughter is the path I am going to let the Southern Socialite take.

My point to this cathartic ramble is I hope you will join me on this journey of musings, recipes, things I find inspiring, and even the mishaps and misadventures of a Southern Socialite who embraces the past and looks forward to the future! I will definitely be injecting more of me into this blog.

To all my favorite bloggers out there, please keep posting! I love my regular doses of spiritual, fashion, decor, entertaining, and cooking inspiration!


Thursday, May 4, 2017

One Room Challenge Week 5 Office Makeover Update

Week 5 

WOW, WOW, WOW, is all I can say! A little in shock that I actually have only a few days left for everything to be photographed on Monday for the final reveal next Thursday. Also, WOW at how far this room has come from the beginning. This week the rug was delivered and I am so loving it! I am so excited I went with the one with more colors because they work great with the grey walls, my bright colored collection of books, and the current flooring. A big thank you to my husband for helping me vacuum and put the rug down! 

I also FINALLY finished the sorting and organization of all my books. As Ched says "It's the BBDS" aka the "Bec-Bec Decimal System". It's organized perfectly for my needs and I LOVE finally having all my books in one place (shelves continue into the hall for all the other subjects). 

LIGHT!!! WE HAVE LIGHT!!! The lighting installation started off a little rocky with a box full of chandelier crystals and no instructions. After stepping away for a good night's rest, we were able to complete the task and now have this glam fixture!! THANK YOU AGAIN, CHED!!! 

Consolidate, Consolidate, Consolidate!
As a child my mother and grandmother were big fans the consolidate method for cleaning up or completing a task. I finally took their advice and have consolidated most of the styling accessories and items in one spot of the room. Hopefully this make things much easier for completion! 

We have had few changes in our original game plan, so make sure you join us next Thursday for our big reveal!!!!

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