Saturday, June 26, 2010

How it all began

In my line of work, people always ask me how I got started in the event planning and floral business (b/c this is the opposite of what I majored in at college). Actually the answer to that is same as the one to how I became a Southern Socialite. In reality I descend from a long line of southern socialites, i.e. debutantes, jr. league & jr. auxiliary members, DAR & Colonial Dame members, decorators, wonderful cooks, lady golfers, bridge players, governor’s wives, etc. So you see I was actually destined to become this, just like you were destined to be who you are today. My floral design talent and knack for events came from watching my very talented mother and grandmother-my parents were always entertaining & mother always loved a good excuse for us to have a party too! Now back to where it all actually began…

Once upon a time, a young mother (at the time expecting her second daughter) asked her very precious & precocious soon to be 3 years old daughter what type of birthday party she would like. This party was going to be held in advance of the actual date, since the new baby was due at that same time. This little girl thought & thought about this and came up with PINK!! Not popular characters from that era, not a basic theme-all she wanted was what would become her signature color, PINK!!! Well, the young mother worked the hardest she could in her condition (& called in the reinforcements, Grandmother & Aunt) & that little girl had one of the grandest pink birthday parties ever!!!

Now 20+ years later (a true SS nevah reveals her age); that little girl runs her own very successful event planning, floral design, and retail business. I hope you will stay and join me on this fun, fabulous, and sometime wild ride of musings, events, obsessions, and more!!

Thanks & y’all have a FAB one!